My studying program

I am studying node for year holidays. I further prohibited SourceTree and decided to use git on the command line.

I will introduce it because my study method is strange.

It is a job named study. I will undertake work that can earn money to maintain motivation. For example this time I undertook a server for smartphone games. In my case I will not be motivated unless I’m swamped with work.

Decide the Framework that uses a little bit of Web information. Since it is a node this time, I think based on MEAN. It seems that DB is MongoDB and mongoose is used as a driver. Express is used for node. Moreover, it is better to maintain it with Typescript. Although Webpack can expect source to be one file and speed up, it is not necessary especially in the early stage.

Then design it. Because I made it to Mongo this time It is only DB and API design.

Finally, search OSS of the corresponding language from Github, and imitate by seeing good code.

What I used for imitation this time is MEAN's product.

A sample of Microsoft's Typescript-Node.

While looking at these two sites, it was possible to googling only for unknown points. Also when making details I will refer to other products.

Although it may not be helpful It was my study method.